Noodles HD User Guide



The main screen for using the Noodles HD App is the Noodles screen. This is visited by tapping on the Noodles tab on the bottom left of the interface. This screen lists all of the different pastas in the App. One left side of this screen is the main photo, the name and a brief description for the pasta is displayed. The pastas can be scrolled through, and there is an alphabetic index on the right hand side for skipping directly to pastas whose names start with a particular character.


Throughout the App, if a pasta synopsis (as described above) is tapped on in the left side of the screen, the right side of the screen will show you the Pasta Details for the selected pasta. This includes a large photograph of the pasta at the top. If there are multiple photographs available for the noodle being viewed, there will be arrows underneath the photograph that allow you to scroll through the different pictures. You can also use swipe gestures to scroll through the different pictures. If you tap on the picture, a large photo of the pasta will be displayed in a popover window. Back on the main screen, underneath the picture is the description, cooking time, dimensions, regions, and any other interesting information about the pasta that we have been able to find. Of particular interest are the dimensions, which should be paid close attention to, since the photographs are not shown to scale.

At the top right of this screen is an 'Action' button. Tapping this button brings up a menu that allows you to save the pasta as one of your favorites or email the pasta information to someong. If the pasta is added as a favorite, it will be available for quick access on the Favorites tab. If you would like to email the pasta information to someone, you can choose the 'Email' menu item. This will bring up your standard email window with the subject and body filled in with the pasta information. The email can then be edited or sent as is using the standard iPhone email interface.

Below all of the Pasta Details is a rounded rectangular button labelled 'Search for Recipes'. If this button is tapped, a Google search will be performed for recipes that include this particular pasta. These search results will be brought up in a window within the Noodles app. This window can then be used to browse to the different sites with the pasta recipes.


This tab displays all of the pastas that you have marked as favorites using the action button on the details screen. The edit button at the top right of the screen can be tapped in order to put the table into edit mode. Once in the edit mode, there is a red button to the left of the pasta that will make the Delete button available when tapped on. Tapping the Delete button will remove the pasta from your list of Favorites. When done deleting, the Done button at the top right of the screen can be tapped to exit the edit mode.


The Search tab allows you to search for pastas by entering keywords or portions of keywords. This is a great way to find noodles that are known by multiple names. As you type, the list of noodles that contain those letters in its searchable fields will be displayed. The button at the left top corner can be used to dismiss the keyboard and view the full list. That button changes it's name from 'Cancel' to 'Reveal' depending on the contents of the search results table. The 'return' key on the keyboard can also be used to dismiss the keyboard. With or without the keyboard being displayed, tapping on a pasta will bring you to the details screen for that pasta.


The More tab provides a few more features for the Noodles HD App. This includes the ability to browse the noodles by 'Style' or by the region where they are prevalent. Tapping on 'Styles' will bring you to a list of different styles, each of which can be tapped in order to view only pastas of that particular style. Similarly, tapping on 'Regions' will bring you to a list of regions that can be tapped to view only pastas from that particular region of the world.

Known Issues, Bugs and Caveats

  • We have, so far, been able to include only a small percentage of the huge variety of noodles in the world. We continue to improve and enlarge our database as we receive more noodles and photograph them.